Wednesday, May 6, 2009

palipas oras


Kissing on the first date? - nde ok sa kin (korek, manang ako. eweno ngayon?)

Getting married before age 18? - isang malaking "NO"

Divorce? - not an option for me

Losing weight to please a boyfriend or girlfriend? - ayoko. (may lipo naman e, jowk) =)

Dating more than one person at the same time? - mas aprub ako dun sa tinatawag nilang "exclusively dating"

Saying "I heart u"? - sa taong kaaway? pede! :D

Romantic movies? - ay tayyyp!

=== HAVE YOU EVER...? ===

Given someone a massage? - yep, ate ko

Changed the way you look to try to impress someone? - uu, boss ko nyahaha

Written someone a long poem and read it in front of friends? - nde pa

Pretended to be interested in something you really hated? - haha di ko na mabilang ilambeses yun

Regretted breaking up with someone? - yes

Dated anyone just because you were lonely? - yes, pero oks lang kasi 'the feeling is mutual', naman din daw (sabi nya)

Kissed a person on the forehead? - yes

Written your name on someone else's property? - uu, sa shirt ng isang frend. remembrance daw

Been divorced? - di pa nga naikakasal e

Created a person ad? - nope

Taken a magazine dating survey? - kuuu, ilambeses na din haha


Hearts? - love

Miley Cyrus? - teen star

Beauty? - nature :D

Hate? - radish

Survey? - answers

White wedding chapel? - solemn

Romance? - in love

Beach sunsets? - romantic

Chocolate? - sweet

Ex? - funny

Crush? - ben affleck

Italy? - travel

Model? - wilma d.


What is the perfect age to get married? - wala

How many kids do you want? - 2

Should the man pay for everything? - no

What is your favorite romantic movie? - a walk to remember

Does love cost a thing? - no

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toinx said...

konserbatibo ka anu?